OpenVPN breaks internet on my network

  • So, I created an OpenVPN Server using the wizard and when the server is enabled, it breaks my DNS.  Which means, I can get to google using it's IP address but now using the URL.  When I disable the server everything works again.

    So I am confused, I am not sure why OpenVPN is affecting my internal workstations.

    I will describe what I want and if anyone can provide insight as to what I need to configure, that would be great.

    Externally I want:

    External workstation (my work computer) –-> OpenVPN ---> DHCP Server (To distribute an IP Address, DNS Settings ect...) ---> Internet + access to network resources

    Internally I want:
    Workstation ---> Internet (Which I have when OpenVPN is turned off)

    What I don't want (But what's happening it seems)

    Internal Workstations ---> OpenVPN ---> DNS BROKEN (When OpenVPN is ON)

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