Multi WAN Load Balancing - Overloaded WANs

  • Hi,

    I'm pretty new to pfsense (just built a box 2 days ago) and becoming familiar with the UI and settings, and so on.  I've had multi WAN in the past but it was a peplink router.  I figured out the ins and outs of the peplink.  So I'm going to refer to some lingo from that device if anybody is familiar.  I apologize in advance.

    I have this scenario:

    3 WANs.  2 are linked to my cell phones in the house setup as mobile hotspots.  They give me about 20-30 mb/s each.  But they have download limits and very high ping (this is not relevant to the discussion)  Another WAN is connected to a T-1 line which is 1.5 mb/s with no download limit and a good ping.

    So I have:

    1. T-1.
    2. Mobile Hotspot.
    3. Mobile Hotspot.

    What I'm trying to do with pfsense is what I had with the peplink.  Which is to load balance using a method called "Overload" (which is found in the peplink load balancing options) vs. "Weighted" (which seems to be the only method in pfsense with my knowledge level)

    What "Overload" means is this:

    The T-1 will be used exclusively unless the line is saturated.  At that point, new connections to the internet will then be connected using the mobile hotspots (WANs on the next tier.)  I'd like to use the pfsense round-robin "Weighted" method on WAN 2 and 3.  But only start the round robin on those WANs after the T-1 line is saturated and the bandwidth is using >1.4mb/s.  How can I achieve this with pfsense?  Is it possible?

    Here are 2 options I thought of, but I'm not familiar enough yet to say if these are the best methods or would even work?

    1. Should I setup the T-1 on Tier 1 with high latency/packet loss then Mobile Hotspots on Tier 2.  That way when the ping increases connections get created on Tier 2?

    2. I see there is some queues within pfsense.  Could I have a main floating queue that takes all "new" outgoing TCP connections, and check the interface to see if bandwidth is being reached, then throw the connection into the appropriate interface queue?  Either T-1 line queue if bandwidth is low, or Mobile queue if bandwidth on T-1 is high?

    Sorry about the noobie questions.  If anybody could maybe point me in the right direction that would be great.

  • After reading several other posts.  It looks like PF Sense doesn't support what I'm looking for.  Bummer.

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