• Hi,

    I am planning to implement pfSense as a transparent firewall. My setup is as follows,

    Internet –-------- Live Firewall -------- Transparent Firewall ---------- LAN

    I have the following questions in my mind based on the above setup

    1. Do I have to change my LAN's IP sub-net settings due to the implementation of the transparent firewall? or can I have the IP settings intact of the LAN by implementing pfSense as the transparent firewall.

    2. Can I implement QOS on the transparent firewall ?

    3. Can I implement access control lists on transparent firewall?

    4. Is there an official guide to follow related to transparent firewall?

    Thanks  :)

  • Hi All,

    Since I couldn't find any official documentation regarding this I followed some instructions on the internet to build my transperant firewall ( by enabling the bridging mode ) , while testing it on a virtual environment ( Virtualbox ) for some users internet connectivity was interrupted. . I chose a virtual environment before implementing it live is for testing.

    Since I'm new to pfSense could anyone advice me on this please?