VLANs in PfSense

  • I create a VLAN against LAN interface now which is LAN_VLAN10. after that i enable the vlan interface and assign an IP address then save. after that i open the DHCP Server and enable the dhcp of vlan interface.
    after all above configuration i'm unable to get an ip from VLAN Pool.

    Please help!

  • i guess its because the computers first need to know what vlan they have to use.
    you have to give the computers the vlan id manually or you have to set up a dhcp server on lan too and configure the vlan with the dhcp tag 132 on it (https://www.iana.org/assignments/bootp-dhcp-parameters/bootp-dhcp-parameters.xhtml#options). but i have no idea how to fill in that information in pfsense.

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    and how is your device you want to get an IP from this vlan connected to this network?  Via a smart switch where you setup the vlan as well?

  • Currently your pfSense is waiting to see packets without tags (default LAN interface), and packets with tags that identify themselves as belonging to VLAN10 (LAN_VLAN10 interface).

    Typically, endpoints (such as computers) do not tag packets themselves. That is the job of the smart-switch/managed-switch/wireless-AP that they connect to.

    If you are not using a smart/managed switch to tag packets, or your AP is not tagging packets, then it'll be unusually difficult to tag your own packets.

    Once the packets are tagged (and are allowed/able to access pfSense), then pfSense will see the VLAN-tagged packets and respond to your DHCP requests.

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