Seeking Assistance creating firewall rules..

  • Hello everyone, i'm seeking some assistance,  i've created an installation of pfsense as show in the follow map

    i have a domain registered (not the realone) and i have a wordpress blog running on the webserver in the dmz
    i would like to route all traffic from to the webserver in the dmz at, how ever when i select
    to forward traffic to dmz address it's ghosted and i cannot enter an address, this is only available if i select Single address or alias
    my rule was created as follows

    Action: Pass / Interface:WAN/ Address Fam: IPv4 /Protocol:TCP/
    Source: Wan net - Port (http(80) / Destination: DMZ Address - /

    that's it and nothing happens when i try to access the site..  Can i get some guidance please..

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    "when i select to forward traffic to dmz address it's ghosted and i cannot enter an address"

    Why would you forward to pfsense IP address of the DMZ?  You would want to forard your server running in the dmz, which I take is this address.. So yeah that would be a single address or alias.

  • No. i"m attempting to forward all http traffic from the WAN through to the Webserver in the DMZ..
    so are you saying i need to do the rule from the other way ect  from DMZ to WAN?

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    Dude port forwarding port 80/443, ie web services is like 2 seconds.  Create your simple port forward..  What are you not understanding?  Dest would be your WAN address, dest would be the webserver IP.. in your case?

    For a port 80 port forward that are exactly 3 box you have to hit on the port forward, all the other is default.  The port, the IP and the port again.

    And then hit save.  If this takes you more than 2 seconds your overthinking it or doing something wrong.  If it doesn't work then go through the troubleshooting guide.  Is the port your trying to forward even getting to pfsense wan IP?  Is the place your forwarding it to running a firewall?

  • Thanks for you assistance, but there was nothing labeled port forwarding in the menus, but i found what you're referring to
    i'm new to this product and i was trying to do it with a rule.. but thanks again..

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    Well port forwarding is sub of NAT.. So yeah you have to look there ;)