Watchdog timeout

  • I have pfsense 2.3.4 running a a machine with 1 onboard nic an a couple of addin cards.

    I left the machine sitting idle with nothing more than a screen conneted to it, not even any nic cards. Twice within the last 36 hours or so I see a on the screen

    em1: watchdog timeout queue[0] – resetting

    and then a but of Tx, Rx values.

    The first time i ha this happen I had one PC connected and lost network connectivity.

    I rebooted and left the PC running pfsense overnight with no network connected (lan or wan) and within 24 hours got the same problem and then again overnight.

    Is there something I can try to fix this ? I don't understand how I'm getting this timeout given there's no network cable connected even


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