• I use a UniFi Security Gateway at home and I have a VPS running pfsense as a VPN server. I am trying to configure an IPsec VPN tunnel between pfsense and the USG using the GUI in both devices. I would like all traffic from a specific subnet on my LAN to go over the VPN tunnel. Right now, I'm using as the subnet but really I'm just trying to learn how to accomplish this.

    While I am able to get pfsense to say that the IPsec tunnel is connected, no data is transferred. I can only get pfsense to connect when the dynamic routing option is checked in the VPN settings on the USG. Further, when the connection is made, I can't access services running on the LAN from remote networks. In some cases with variations on the settings below, I can't access the internet at all while the connection is initiated.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sincerely appreciate it.

  • Hi,

    that network on the setting "Local Network" is not correct. Select "LAN Subnet" and you should be ok..

  • jcconnell did you ever get this resolved?

    I am having the the same issue as you are having and all my networks are setup properly.

    Let me know!