Managing email server on single lan dual wan setup

  • hello and thanks i have searched for several hours and not able to find a direct answer to this question.

    i have followed the instructions on this post and have everything working great for normal network activities with load balance and fail over.

    my setup has a server with static ip address on the lan network running hmail server 2012 R2

    both modems are dynamic dns so im using duck dns to update my current outside ip to my domain.

    what i would like to know is 1 of 2 things

    A: Can this setup work with load balance if so where should i place my firewall rules for ports 25 110 995 and 586. so that regardless of which modem is in use my traffic will go out and come back. And are there any other considerations i am overlooking for this setup?

    B: If above setup is not feasible how can i set this up to only use my primary modem i do have additional Ethernet connections on the firewall as well if i need to set it up separate from everything else.

    thanks in advance for any assistance!

  • Just create a NAT port forward for each WAN ( interface ) address to the ports you want on the Mail Server. Rules will be created for you.

    LAN rules normally allow to any to any so no need to touch that.

    Cannot see any reason SMTP should not work. You'll need to set you MX records so that one address is MX10 the other is MX20 etc.

    That would work OK for incoming SMTP., however you will probably have issues though with clients when they are outside the LAN, unless your dynamic DNS service automatically changes the pointer immediately the primary link fails.

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