Transparent Firewall with VLAN [Looking for advice]

  • I've been following the various guides/posts on this forum (like ) to get this setup, but haven't had any luck yet that I've been able to tell.

    This is for a home setup (with awesome CenturyLink that decided to use VLAN 201 for all its setup), then PPPoE on-top of that (followed this guide: ).  I currently have PFSense setup to act as the router (handling VLAN, PPPoE login, NAT, DHCP server, firewall, etc…). I don't have the CenturyLink provided modem in the mix since it's not needed.

    What I'd like to do is just have the PFSense box handle the VLAN 201 mapping for me, but then have a router on the other side do PPPoE and to get the WAN IP (making PFSense just do transparent firewall and VLAN work).

    Setup I've tried:

    Bridge: WAN <---> LAN  (type: static ipv4 address, no gateway)
    WAN: igb0_vlan201  (type: none)
    LAN: igb1  (type: none)

    Right now when I've tried going down this path, the router beyond PFSense never completes the PPPoE login.  Watching pftop I see a lot of UDP activity appear, but I'm guessing nothing is making it through.  I've made sure to create Any* rules on all 3 interfaces, but that doesn't seem to help.

    I'm just looking for some tips on which logs to check or things to look for in those logs that may be telling as to why this is failing me.  Any help would be much appreciated.

    Edit: 2017-09-28 - This is working now without issue.  There was some issues with the wifi unit dropping the connection, but it has since been fixed.

  • After a bit of playing around, I'm guessing the router I'm trying to use (Google Wifi or OnHub) for this doesn't work quite right.  My setup was:

    [internet (vlan 201)] <–--> [PFSense bridge (strips vlan)] <–--> [wifi-router]

    After removing the wifi-router that refused to establish a PPPoE connection, I put a windows box in its place and it was able to do the PPPoE connection without issue.  Possible suggestions looking around may be that it doesn't handle MTU sizes.  So this setup actually worked just fine:

    [internet (vlan 201)] <–--> [PFSense bridge (strips vlan)] <–--> [windows desktop]

    I'll play with it more, but I'm guessing there is some MTU or PPPoE handshake that the Google Wifi point doesn't seem to like.

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    And what advantages do you think this setup, over setting PPPoE in pfSense WAN,  will brings to you ?

  • @ptt:

    And what advantages do you think this setup, over setting PPPoE in pfSense WAN,  will brings to you ?

    I'd prefer for PFSense to stay my router, but I'm trying to do a mesh wifi setup, and all the consumer ones all seem to require one of their APs to be the router in the network setup. So if I leave PFSense as the router, the wifi mesh network will be dual NATing.

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