Firewall or NAT problem?

  • Okay we are busy setting up network for a school project.

    We can create servers from school via a environment that is created in VMware (its called skylab) so everything is virtual
    I got an open ip from school GW 145.44.x.1 / 25

    My Wan IP is 145.44.x.29

    these ip i got from school.

    the pfsense has an IP of
    the windows 10 computer

    WAN can ping 8.8.88
    WAN can ping LAN
    LAN can ping WAN
    but LAN cant ping

    Whe tried adding firewall rules and NAT rules. but we are not getting there.
    What should we try?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "the windows 10 computer"

    Can it ping

    What are the rules on your LAN?

    Out of the box this just works.. So you must of changed something or your windows 10 computer is not using pfsense lan as its gateway.

  • Yes the W10 (
    Pfsense (

    We just added rules en we have an internet connection now. (can ping from W10) .

    But we cant browse on the PC.


    We addes to the NIC DNS

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    We just added rules

    But we cant browse on the PC.

    "Show" (screenshot) the rules ;)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You shouldn't have had to add any rules - the rules out of the box on lan are any any!  This is done for a reason because new users wouldn't create the correct rules ;)

    I would guess you added a tcp rule, and you can not browse internet because you don't have udp enabled. etc..

    "We addes to the NIC DNS"

    On what?  your win 10 box?  Out of the box pfsense use unbound in resolver mode.. Out of the box pfsense has everything a new user needs to just connect.  If it doesn't normally they jacked something up ;)  Or they our downstream of something that doesn't allow dns to work in resolver mode, etc.

    If your going to want help your going to need to give us something to work with.  Post your rules, and anything else you might of changed vs the out of the box configuration.

  • Yes we added the DNS on the win 10 box.

    School (skylab) openend only port 80, 443, SHH, RDP and ping

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