Two GW in WAN, correct static routes to second GW however default it used

  • Hi,

    I am setting up static routes on my WAN with two gateways.  One gateway is default ISP and the second is a private network however both are in public WAN net.  I may ping both gateways and of course the default one works flawlessly.

    Status shows both gateways online and I have added static rules to direct traffic to 4 IPs to the second gateway so I may access resources in private network via second gateway in WAN network.

    All statuses and suggested diagnostics looks good indeed, gateways are online and static routes are up however whatever I do the default gateway is used!  I am running traceroute/tracepath from clients behind the firewall and from pfSense WAN itself but it is always use default gateway and ignores active second gateway and static rules.  I have tried to reboot pfSense of course however the issue remains.

    Anyone have any suggestion for a verbose debug I may do to find out where the problem is?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Hi Oleg,
    Check the routing table on the firewall (Diag > Routes) make sure those static routes are present.

    You may need additional outbound NAT rules to actually access anything on the private subnet. Devices there may not have a route back to your internal subnet. Or your traffic may be hitting the default outbound NAT rule and being translated to the public IP incorrectly.


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