IPTV IGMP multicast problems with BT YouView

  • hi all.

    i am looking for some advice, my bt sport/iptv stopped working when i put my pfsense box on the network. i following the steps in this post
    https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=100444.0 given by mech regarding igmp proxy and it seemed to work great right out the box, however i noticed that the channels would stall just after 4 minutes but would work again as soon as i changed the channel.

    i had a look round the net and on here and seen that i am not the only one that has this issue however i don't see any solution. i am keen to see if anyone has any suggestion or has came across this issue before.

    i am running pfsense 2.3.4-RELEASE (i386).

    any suggestions welcome

  • Hi Mizzon thanks for the PM,

    I experience this exact same issue too.  I thought it was my switch but if you are also experiencing it then it appears not.  I've been trying to time the intervals to see if there is a pattern but I can't discern one.  It always seems to occur when a goal happens though!  ;D

    I think we should both collect more logs.  For me that involves stopping igmpproxy in the webgui and then running it from the command-line via:

    sudo /usr/local/sbin/igmpproxy -d -vvv /usr/local/etc/igmpproxy.conf

    to check it's the same command for you run:

    ps -ax | grep igmp

    while the proxy is running - the first argument will be the location of the binary and the second argument the location of the config.  Just add "-d -vvv" in between to enable verbose logging to STDOUT.  You should be able to see the different clients connecting and disconnecting as you change channels on the box.  Leave it running and note when there's a dropout.  I'll do the same and we'll compare.

    That's the best I've got for now,


  • Cheers for taking the time to read and reply. I'll get the logs asap. I read that there were  issues with certain pfsense builds and igmp proxy but I don't know if that's resolved.

    I also looked for an alternative method of doing this however I didn't get anything useful. Did you get it to work for a meaningful period of time? The other post I read was 4 minutes and 20 seconds and right enough I'm the same all the time.

  • Hi,

    The version problem I think you are referring to is a different issue to this one.  I don't think this is a pfSense problem but rather a freeBSD or igmpproxy one as I have experienced this problem in OPNSense too.  My time seemed to vary from 2-3mins up to 7mins or so but I'll have to recheck and confirm.


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