GRE through Virtual IP

  • Hi,

    Has anyone ever tried creating a GRE tunnel through a virtual IP?

    My setup has High Availability configured on both ends, what I wanna know is, if it is possible to create a GRE tunnel through a virtual IP. I was planning on creating a tunnel through my WAN CARP but it seems to be not working. I have tried creating a GRE tunnel through my primary pfsense router's WAN interface and somehow it worked. But the backup router tries to get synced and results in a confused state because I am pointing to a remote address that is assigned to the primary firewall's WAN interface.

    Any idea if it is possible? I dont want my backup pfsense router to result in a down state just because it cant synced to a GRE interface uniquely configured to the primary only.

    Thank you and have a great day

  • Same here. I'm using WAN CARP as "GRE Remote Address" on two pfSense boxes but it doesn't work. If I change to WAN addresses, all is OK.

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