Simple 1 wan, 1 lan wizard with voip only settings shows no voip traffic

  • I am running 2.4.0-BETA (arm) built on Sat Jun 10 11:37:40 CDT 2017 FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p10.
    I ran the traffic shaper wizard and selected the dedicated line flavor. I set 800 kb/s up and 19 mb/s down. The only feature I selected was for VOIP.

    Next I selected the queue statistics. Then I placed a voip call to a continuous recording.

    The statistics showed traffic but for the up and down qvoip there was absolutely no activity for any of these queues' metrics.

    I am using Obiha 200 voip devices.

    What am I doing wrong in that the voip traffic is not being recognized and handled as voip in the traffic shaper?


  • Traffic Shaping under 2.4 Beta isn't working at this moment.

  • thanks.

    Q1 Is there an older version that the QOS for my VOIP works?

    Q2 Can you down rev the firmware (I'm new to pfsense)?


  • A1: under 2.3.4 traffic shaping is working (as on 2.2.x)
    A2: make a config backup and install fresh pfsense with working traffic shaping. Then restore config file.

  • I just updated to 2.4.0-BETA (arm)
    built on Sat Aug 05 18:07:50 CDT 2017
    FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p11

    Will this version work for the traffic shaping so I can make my VOIP traffic QoS priority?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The traffic shaping bug on 2.4 was fixed on the 9th, so if you use an image from the 10th or later it should work. In other words, if you install or upgrade using a pfSense snapshot from today, then it should work.

  • very fine.
    I have been regularly upgrading with the Betas.
    I will try to do some testing to see how it is working.
    I thought today I had a failure while on the phone and doing some large net traffic so I'm wondering….