Bridged OpenVPN

  • I want to bridge two remote LAN’s into one logical LAN and would like to make sure I’m thinking the right way before I start reading up on the details.

    I currently have two physically distant networks both running pfSense and connected together through an OpenVPN tun interface.  I want end up with one logical LAN with two gateways, one in each physical location.  Each device is assigned a default gateway typically the one in the same location as the device and, additionally, outgoing packets are routed to a specific gateway according to their destination.

    Here is how I think I should set this up.

    • Change the OpenVPN to a tap interface.

    • Assign fixed IP’s to both the pfSense LAN interfaces in the new subnet address space.

    • Disable one of the DHCP servers and use the remaining DHCP server to set the default gateway according to where the device is located.

    • Add routing rules in each pfSense to redirect any packets to the WAN interface nearest their destination.

    Before I start reading up on all of this, am I thinking along the right lines?

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