Pfsense 2.3.2 WatchGuard Firebox X1250e

  • Morning/Afternoon guys.

    I'm a little new to PF. I have played with it but never had it into a production environment.

    Iv just ordered a WatchGuard with PFsense already installed. Im looking to install squid on it but clearly a 4GB CF guard isnt going to cut it with 50 users. Is it possible to install a hard drive into the system as well as a CF card?

    Im wanting to have all Cache/logs from Squid going on the drive and keeping the CF card as the OS/settings.

    Thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's possible but not advised.

    If you're going to install a hard-drive then just do a full install to that and boot from it.

    It's possible to install a 2.5" laptop IDE drive (or an IDE SSD if you want) with the correct adapter and caddy. It is possible to install a SATA drive with an adapter, there is a relatively current thread detailing it.

    You should be aware that 2.3.X is the last pfSense branch that will support 32bit though it will be supported for some time after 2.4 is released.


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the reply. Just so im understanding you correctly. I can just get a 2.5 IDE drive and put it in without any adapters?

  • I have a WatchGuard X750 with onboard CF-card reader. Problem is though, the reader doesn't support UDMA transfers (2 pins are not connected through, thus stuck in PIO-4 mode). My solution was to get an external CF->IDE adapter hooked up which supports UDMA transfers. My god, the loading speed before the upgrade was, put mildly, extremely slow. Just remember to use a newer IDE cable with 80 conductors in between, or you'll face errors.

    2.5" IDE drives are very uncommon nowadays, except old used ones, but an IDE->SATA adapter (make sure it supports UDMA) would most likely work. How about a IDE->SD-Card adapter as SD-Cards are a lot cheaper than CF-Cards?

    As for the logs, I'm using NFS to mount a private share on my file server. That way, I can keep all my device's logfiles at one place and not require any mechanical disk drive on each and every device. Perhaps I would write a script one day that creates a local ram-drive for the logfiles if the NFS share is unavailable and notify by email… Remote Syslog (RSyslog) could also work, but have not tested it yet.

    Good luck!

  • Never used your model but I have set up a few PFsense boxes on the Watchguard 530/545's
    Always used SSD drives  and up the ramp to 8gigs,

    Never had a customer complain

  • Netgate Administrator


    I can just get a 2.5 IDE drive and put it in without any adapters?

    Sorry for the delay. Most of those boxes come with an IDE connector suitable for connecting a laptop style drive in a caddy. You will need an adapter to connect between the actual 2.5" IDE 44pin connector and the connector on the board.
    It's mentioned here:

    Here's an example:

    As I said before you definitely don't want to spend too much here because the 32bit hardware in that box has limited life at this point.


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