Cable Modem – DMZ -- pfSense -- LAN

  • I have a fixed address with the cable company, a /30, which gives me a DMZ between the Cable modem and the pfSense router. I would like to use that area for several things, including a printer, SPAM filter and an SSH server. . . The cable modem provides IP addresses to the DMZ machines and those things are accessible from anything connected to the DMZ. The LAN side of the pfSense router can connect to the internet just fine. I do have a confusing situation, in that I seem to be able to ping anything in the DMZ from the LAN side of the pfSense router and can ssh from a machine on the LAN side of the pfSense to a machine in the DMZ but can't access the web interface to the SPAM filter or printer. I am assuming I have a firewall issue but no idea how to solve it.

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