Pppoe connections and load balancing

  • hi

    1. how many pppoe connections pfsense can handle?
    is there a limit? for example can it work with 15 active pppoe connections?
    I have routers in bridge so, I could establish pppoe connections from pfsense

    2. load balancing problem
    imagine this situation:
    pc1 with ip and pfsense with ip
    pfsense has 10 pppoe active connections (= 10 public IP)

    on PC1, the default gateway is pfsense ip (
    on PC1 I have linux installed, and I need to do this:

    wget http://mycompanysite.com/file.zzz (a lot of times)

    I need to do this: each time I wget a file from the same host (mycompanysite.com) I need to switch the WAN used
    so for example, one time I use WAN1, another time I use WAN3, another time I use WAN 6, and so on
    also randomly… no problem

    How to configure pfsense so that it can load balancing traffic to the same destination host to use all wan/pppoe connections?

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