Site-to-site VPN with openVPN tap

  • Objective: Build a L2 transparent site-to-site link over VPN so save $$.  I need to pass VLAN tagged traffic (Cisco speak: vlan trunk) across this link.  Short term tenancy at the 2nd location and I just want to extend my infrastructure.  I fully realize there are other ways (possibly better) of doing this, but I want to test this way and see if it will work for us.  AND I've been working on this 2 days and really just want to figure it out now.


    VLAN 10                                                                                                  VLAN 10
    VLAN 20  Site 1 =====pfsense====(Internet)====pfsense==== Site 2  VLAN 20
    VLAN 30                                                                                                  VLAN 30

    What I've done:

    I followed this guide and the VPN tunnel shows as up, so I know I did something right.  But I can pass no traffic.  Doing packet captures I can see traffic (from all vlans on the interface) on the "OpenVPN Client" when doing a packet capture.  So I think something is working, but the bridge on the client side doesn't see to be working properly.

    On the client side I setup a VPN client connection to connect to the openVPN tap on the other side.

    I must be missing something.  I have tried toggling the following System Tunables: and which doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Turned out to be my USB network adapters, they don't appear to handle tagged traffic well (or at all).  Not planning on using them in production, just for POC.