• Dear All i am trying to get a HA between two HP servers

    Both has 4 x 10 GB ports and are configure to have the same interfaces

    Wan -> 2 Nic as LAGGO (ix0, ix2)
    LAN -> 1 NIC (ix3)
    SYNC -> 1 NIC (ix1) -> the Primary and the Backup

    Have  open the Sync rules to any any but i am still getting the error

    Settings Sync

    An error code was received while attempting XMLRPC sync with username admin - Code 6: The requested method didn't return an XML_RPC_Response object. @ 2017-07-07 17:00:30

    Please urgently help !!!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That error seems like it's getting a response from something that is allowed, but isn't pfSense. Is the GUI on the secondary node set to HTTPS on port 443? No port forwards on the sync interface for 443? No other running packages/daemons trying to latch onto port 443 on the secondary?

  • Problem Solved using a good example from the you tube

    Youtube Video