Pfsense2.3.4 + squid-3.5.26 + squidguard-1.4_15

  • I am facing weird problem.

    pfsense2.3.4 + squid-3.5.26 + squidguard-1.4_15

    Scenario 1:
    System –> General Setup -->  Disable DNS Forwarder
    when I marked this option as a "CHECKED"... i can resolve my local network devices by name by DNS. but my SQUIDGUARD GroupACL ldapusersearch STOPPED working and all AD users (including defined in GroupACL) start going through COMMON ACL

    Scenario 2:
    But as soon as I uncheck this option (System --> General Setup -->  Disable DNS Forwarder)... my local network devices are failed to resolve by DNS. But SQUIDGUARD GroupACL ldapusersearch STARTED working fine... i can implement Group ACLs as desired.

    How can i make both scenario workable at once?

    1. DNS should resolve local network devices
    2. SquidGuard Group ACL -- ldapusersearch must work fine

    Kind Regards,
    Sajeel Ahmad

  • Can anyone please assist me on this?

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