Logging broken ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I struggle with the logs…

    The "Clear Logs" options do not remove anything.
    The logs i Download from my pfsense seems to be broken (they all are max log size, and are not "fully readable" it seems i only have a piece written and the rest is "NUL" in notepad++)

    In the syslog i have a " syslogd: exiting on signal 15" entry

    If i remove manually the logs in the terminal, they come back full size

    I searched around and found this issue : https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4393  , but this was two year ago. I am on the 2.3.4-release.

    Please find attached some screenshots of my logs

    Thank you all for your help

    PS: After a reboot i still have the issue

  • @aniodon:

    Please find attached some screenshots of my logs

    We struggle with this 12kBit image (to small to read - 256 x 62 pixels).

  • Thanks !

    There is not much to see, a DHCPD.log file , One line, NUL chars…
    i made a bigger screenshot attached
    Thanks !

  • The first screenshots (Filter.log) :

  • Read this

    Send your logs to a syslog server.  Don't download them.

  • thanks for this info biggsy !

    So is the " syslogd: exiting on signal 15" entry normal ?

  • From what I can see in my logs, the "syslogd: exiting on signal 15" is usually associated with a reboot/restart but there may be other circumstances.  For example, the old postfix package used to cause a syslogd restart whenever the package config was reloaded.

    It's not something I've really worried about though.

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