DNSBL and mobile apps

  • I have DNSBL running and it works great for non-mobile devices. However, I have noticed that certain mobile apps no longer function because of attempts to block ads. Amazon seller app for example no longer loads and displays a message about a problem with Amazon. However, if I disable wifi and go through data connection, I have no issues.

    I have loaded the Alerts tab within PfbockerNG and attempted to whitelist domains when I am loading the app. However, there are dozens and even after whitelisting numerous, the app still fails to work properly.

    Is there a way to disable pfBlocker in general when visiting .amazon.com?  Or are there any other solutions?


  • So… I've run into this issue a few times. Only solution is to white list the ad sites that Amazon uses, and unfortunately it's not just amazon domains. I will generally tail the log and grep only on the device i'm monitoring. Try these to start...

    fls-na.amazon.com # amazon app
    watson.telemetry.microsoft.com # amazon app
    modern.watson.data.microsoft.com.akadns.net # CNAME for (watson.telemetry.microsoft.com)

    But basically yeah, what you're doing is the only way...

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