Pfsense downloading and streaming

  • hi folks
    i'm new to pfsense here  , my question is simple .. can i block downloading & streaming on all my wan interfaces ?

    sorry if this was asked before , but i've seen no recent posts

  • You may want to expand on what you mean by "downloading". Technically everything is downloaded. If you want to block everything, just unplug the WAN.

    Is what you mean is to block bulk data transfers?

  • no what i mean is to block non business stuff such as downloading/streaming movies , mp3  , youtube and facebook . so WAN is only used for business needs

  • Always start with, you can't fix human problems with technology, only technical problems.

    The easiest, if possible, way to block non-business related traffic would be to create a white list of what remote services your devices can connect to. The second would be to focus on a few of the top issue services, like facebook or youtube, etc and trying to block those. You're probably never going to reach 100%, but you easily get the 80/20.

    In this day-and-age, almost everything is just a "web request". It's very difficult or impossible to tell what the request is for, just that it exists. This is was only a high level. Hopefully someone can give some more implementation details.

  • thanks alot for the info , i didn't really want to block 100% sorry for not clarifying it . however i'm seeking what u mentioned to block everything possible to block such as youtube , facebook and downloadable objects .

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