How is this possible?

  • I don't understand why is this happening. I have a lan network without any rule enabled and machine behind this interface can still can ping host in another interface and google public dns

    What I'm missing here?

    pfSense version 2.3.4.


    Noticed that if I boot pfSense then the rule is active and it's now blocking all traffic as it should. But if I disable it again nothing happens and all traffic is passed. Tried filter reload multiple times but it has no effect.


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    State table!!!  Just because you disable a rule, does not clear any states that were already created..  If your going to disable a rule - then you need to remove the states that might currently exist for that rule or wait for them to time out, etc.

  • If you have a request from another interface (with pass rules) to that one it is solicited traffic and will be able to answer without any pass rules on that interface.  Just something to keep in mind as well.  ;)

  • By default, all LAN traffic is allowed. Am I missing something that this normal rule does not apply in this situation?

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    He disabled it.

    Probably had a ping running when he disabled it and it kept running.

    Somple ^C and starting the ping again would have likely shown it ask blocked/not passed.

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