HD size needed?

  • Hi there

    I'm contemplating shifting the SATA 2,5" disk I have in the pfSense for a SSD disk.
    As SSD disks are quite expensive, I would very much like to find out how big the disk has to be.
    This is a full install with squid/squidguard/lightsquid/imspector and a few other things.
    At the moment it's running the 1.2.1-RC2

  • I find hard to believe that SSD drive is needed. True SSD is for database servers or ppl trying to boot vista before christmas :).
    SSD 400$ for 32GB No noise
    Raptor 200$ for 150GB Some noise

  • You could just use a fast Compact Flash or similar.

    128MB is needed for embedded, 1GB works okay for standard. In fact, I run standard with writes disabled (I wanted VGA and keyboard) from a 256MB Compact Flash and it's been stable for years.

  • I have full install on 256MB cf card ( yes I know it's unsupported  :P ) on an ide to cf adapter, no issues. Only thing I had to do when installing was to delete the swap partition.

  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for the great feedback, well, I can get a Transcend 32 GB SATA SSD disk for ~$100, so I guess that is going to be the choice.
    It's more a problem with heat than noise. The cabinet I have is a small ITX cabinet, and I think the cooling of it with a normal mechanical disk is a bigger problem.
    The SSD has a temperature range 0-70 degrees celcius, which should be good enough.

  • As you're running squid I would really push you to stay away from any CF full installation as the continuous writing/rewriting of the cache will fry a CF in no time (at least according to many other posts here).  Glad you've chosen SSD over CF.

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