Log colorizer ccze works for system log but not for filter log

  • I'm not all that young anymore, need all the help I can get watching log files, so for a long time I've used ccze.  It works well enough except at some point [years ago, don't remember at all when] it quit working for the filter log.  Everything comes out cyan and cyan bold as near as I can tell.  It works just fine on the system log.  I've tried dicking with the various options/modes in ccze and they all do the same thing.  Can anyone clue me in on what's going on?  Below is how they're called, no difference there, is there something in how the filter log is formatted?  What I could find says it's a simple csv text format, which I don't think should cause a problem.

    clog -f filter.log | ccze
    clog -f system.log | ccze

  • I've answered my own questions.  Found info in topics that didn't really relate to mine but something tripped my brain into understanding what was going on.  It's the damn commas that are screwing it up.  That's the last thing I would have thought, that's how sharp I am.  I saw trying sed to attempt to color logs and that lead me to think of just stripping the commas and that works well enough for me.  I just used:

    clog -f system.log | sed y/,// | ccze

    Sorry if this was too elementary[it's actually surprising to me that I figured it out.  Yes, it seems I'm talking to myself.  Is that a problem?  No, not unless you start having a dialogue.  Oh, OK.]