• Hello everyone,

    New to PF Sense, but have never seen anything like what I'm experiencing before anywhere else.

    The Firewall is up with a fresh install, and seemingly working, but we have some connection issues that we think are related to pfSense.

    Incoming traffic works for some people, but not others.  One example is someone who could connect through their VPN connection, but not their regular ISP connection.  Some of our sites can't connect, but others can.  We can connect to our site internally.

    Additionally, outbound traffic is just as flaky.  I can see 99% of all sites, but some I can't.  One of our staff can connect to the banking site until it's time to transmit, then it fails.  The transmit portion is on another domain.

    I have one site I can consistently not access.  Pings drop all packets.  Even from the dashboard diagnostics.

    Putting a machine outside the firewall does allow us to connect to these places.

    Has anyone seen anything like this?

  • Found the issue should anyone else find this in the future.

    Our IPV4 was set with the BIT value instead of the CIDR.

    Really, I'm surprised anything worked but I'll take it.