Default LAN block: destination [ff02::fb]:5353

  • I have a Verizon DSL Router between the internet and my pfsense router, ie the WAN is itself on a NAT'ed network.

    The pfsense LAN is a private, non-hostile network. On the LAN interface I have unchecked Block private networks and loopback addresses. (If it matters, I have the Avahi package installed/enabled because I have Linux machines that use mdns in the nssswitch configuration.)

    I am using the default LAN rules. In the LAN firewall logs, I have frequent Default deny rule IPv6 blocks appearing:

    Source: A valid LAN IPv6 address
    Destination: [ff02::fb]:5353

    Is this default rule preventing broadcasts to the Verizon router's NAT and/or the outside world… or is it simply complicating my private network on the LAN side of my pfsense firewall?

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