• Hello there,
    I install version 2.3.4 and ftp to host outside of our lan isnot work properly,
    we can ftp to desire host and can login properly, but when we type "dir"
    ftp hang and message " 200 port requesk ok" appear
    can any one help to me?

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    Are you active or passive ftp, if active did you install the ftp client package.  If passive are you limiting outbound ports?

  • how can I check active or passive?

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    what client are you using - what are you set for?  If your using say windows cmd line ftp - it can only do active.

    Look at your log when you open the data connection..

    You also run into a problem if active client giving its local IP vs the public IP.  And you can have same issue with some ftp servers and passive mode..

    You really need to understand the difference between active and passive if wanting to use ftp.. http://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html

    That you would still be trying to even ftp to a host these days is nuts.. Why is where you trying to going no using sftp or just plain webdav or a http interface?

  • we use windows cmd line (active), and we use NAT to connect to ftp server.
    ftp server is IBM mainframe and that's location is in our main office.
    those force us to use cmd ftp to get some files
    and how to resolve that?

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    "ftp server is IBM mainframe and that's location is in our main office. "

    Then why would you be natting inside your own company?  So you running what OS z/OS?  sftp (ssh) is available on pretty much every OS on the planet..

    "those force us to use cmd ftp to get some files"

    Not really no..  there are many ftp clients you could run on windows that allow for scripting that support way more features than the built in cmd.. If your using active then install ftp active package for pfsense for your clients behind pfsense..