Gigabit Link Up Issue

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been having a problem with my pfSense for a while now and I am kind of stuck on where to head next. Once and a while, my PfSense console will display "bce1: Gigabit Link Up!" every 5 seconds (screenshot is attached). Once this starts happening the WAN (I have not noticed anything wrong with the LAN when this happens) will tank. Usually a reboot helps solve this problem but it happens a lot. I am able to access the pfSense web portal while this is happening but it is very slow to respond.

    pfSense is currently in an ESXi VM. I have two physical ports that I passed through to pfSense. I had this setup working really well in the past (for almost two years) but I lost that configuration and had to start over again. Once backup and running I started to encounter this problem.

    My current interface configuration consists of two openVpn virtual interfaces. One acting as a client and one as a server. A physical LAN interface, and then the physical WAN interface. I have a couple of packages including pfBlockerNG, openVPN-client export, and Service Watchdog (recently installed).

    I have done some research throughout the course of this problem but nothing I found helped (I do not remember everything I looked at). I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this issue?

    I know I did not include a lot of information here about my pfSense configuration or ESXi settings and can provide further details if anyone would like more.

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