• I am new to PfSense and trying to setup a PfSense box to have a DMZ with no filtering and such for my VoIP phone as I can't get it to work perfectly unless it is exposed to the internet. Tried Siproxd, the settings from the provider, and nothing else worked. Currently I have a switch after my modem which gives a Public IP to my phone and another to my Pfsense. Ideally i would like a DMZ on the PfSense just for the phone and any other devices that I don't want on the same LAN. My PfSense box has 5 Gigabit NIC ports
    1 x Intel CT for WAN (Eth0)
    1 x Intel Quad PT for LAN. Only Eth1 is used for LAN, and I want Eth2 to be the DMZ, and know how to eventually add another LAN on Eth3 & Eth4 as I want a seperate LAN and network for IoT and Security cameras and keep everything as isolated as possible. But the DMZ I only want able to talk to the outside but not the other LAN's. I also want DHCP on them all including the DMZ

  • With that hardware it shouldn't be too hard to get this going.
    What is your question and where in trying to set this up did you struggle?