FreeSWITCH package for pfSense.

  • Can anyone help me find the latest Freeswitch Package for pfSense. I have been searching for it for the last couple of days, but could not find the package.

  • You should log into the FreeSWITCH irc and look for the packager, his name is mcrane.

  • You need to use pfSense 1.2.1 because the FreeSWITCH package is compiled for FreeBSD 7 once you are running that version you will be able to see the Freeswitch package.

    If someone wants to sponsor build I will make a build for pfSense 1.2.

    For more information take a look at:,11930.0.html

    I'm currently finishing up a new version that will add an improved Dialplan tool, new Recordings GUI, Auto Attendant GUI, CDR and LOG download. When this is publicly available I will announce it at the above link.

    Best Regards,

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