• Hello! I've been trying to setup GRE's for a while now but I can't seem to get them to work, when I run 2 VPSs and connect them up they work perfectly fine but if I connect my own network to a VPS through GRE it doesn't work. Is there something I have to forward in pfSense? I made a NAT rule with the source IP of my VPS to the IP of my server machine I want to connect to the tunnel.

    I looked in the state tables and a connection is being made, here's a picture when I ping my home server IP from the VPS through the GRE.

    Any help is appreciated, I'm lost on this so sorry for the lack of information. I'll supply any info requested.

  • I had created an interface and checked up on the pfSense Wiki, it still refuses to make a connection. Do I need a GRE interface or can I just forward GRE to my Ubuntu VPS on my network that has the endpoint of the GRE?

  • I got the GRE's to connect from pfSense to pfSense, but I'm not sure how to port forward a server through it from my Ubuntu VM. I assume this is the wrong place for that issue. Could somebody direct me to a proper place for this or assist me if possible?

  • @Soarin:

    I got the GRE's to connect from pfSense to pfSense,….

    How are the two pfSense setups situated on from another ? On the same network segment ?
    What I mean : you are aware of the fact that many modem / routers do simply not pas GRE data ? They just support UDP/TCP/ICMP and that's it. GRE is another network protocol.

  • Thanks for the response! Yes they're on the same network segment and I got traffic to pass through the tunnels, my only issue is just routing traffic from my Ubuntu Server to the other end point of my GRE to port forward a game server.

    My last router didn't pass GRE's but I've upgraded to an Arris that allows me to pass GRE's, I have made some progress and after spending a couple hours I've had to just erase my rules and start fresh, what I'm trying to do is route my game server's traffic from through my network to a VPS to avoid getting a DDoS. Is there a page or guide that you would recommend that'd get me started?

    Thanks Gertjan for the help

  • Instead of using a 'GRE Tiunnel', why not using a VPN ?

  • I'll use a VPN as long as I get the minimal overheard that a GRE gives my servers, the latency is really important.