Different Routes for WiFi and Cellular

  • Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this is possible, but thought I would post.  Is there a way in the client configuration to specify different remote routes depending on whether your connection is WiFi or Cellular?

  • Here's the problem I'm trying to solve.  The WiFi network is connected to a pfSense box which sends its traffic out over VPN.  The same pfSense box acts as a OpenVPN server allowing access to the LAN remotely.  The problem is that because the configuration are set to redirect-gateway, the IOS OpenVPN app setting that allows you to select which network to use OpenVPN doesn't work properly.  What happens when you select "Cellular Only" is that IOS won't automatically switch back to the WiFi network.  If I take away the redirect-gateway, this problem goes away but now the IOS traffic goes out via 4G without passing through the VPN.  Anyone encounter this?