[SOLVED] Traffic volume accounting with FreeRADIUS and Captive Portal

  • Hi all,

    I have configured CP and FreeRADIUS and would like to allow users let's say 1000 Mbit per day of data traffic volume.
    The CP communicates with FreeRADIUS and the login of the user works.

    My problem is that the counter doesn't change/update/increase. This means that the user can consume data forever.
    I have used this as a guide:


    Have tested both Stop/Start and Interim accounting updates.

    In the log I see this:

    FreeRADIUS: User test has used 0 MB of 12 MB daily allotted traffic. The login request was accepted.

    Can anyone assist here or give some hints/tip on what to try?

    Thanks in advance :-)

  • Using time limit works well, by the way.

    The problem is when switching to "Traffic and Bandwidth".

  • I figured it out. The accounting interface under FreeRADIUS was missing.