Objections against his hardware for 2.4?

  • Hello  ;D

    Given I now have a CPU without AES-NI, and 2.4 requires AES-NI, I am considering buying a pair of used machines like this:


    They have I5-3570 onboard, in my desktop I have the I5-3570K, which is still A BEAST (I do a lot of movie conversions: it runs at 100% CPU but it handles all other tasks like it is doing nothing else  :o )

    I didn't overclock it, and I understand it that is the only difference between (K) and non-K.

    So all I have to do is add some RAM, and add my Intel NIC's from my current machines.

    Would anybody have any objections against these, from a technical or power usage or other perspective?

    I have to pay 140 EUR / 168 USD for it, with 500 GB WD HDD and 4 GB RAM, 1GB external video card in addition to the internal Intel HD 2500, which in itself is not expensive, as CPU alone still goes for between 75-100 EUR on the second hand market.

    Thank you :)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hey.  :)

    Only way to know if that CPU is overkill is to know what it's doing so…..

    What's your WAN speed? What packages? VPNs?

    It probably is overkill though.  ;)

    I will point out that it's 2.5 that will require AES-NI, 2.4 does not. And we will be supporting 2.4 for some time after 2.5 is released (which will not be for a good while) so there is no real hurry here.
    By the time you actually need to upgrade there may be other better options available.


  • Thank you Steve  ;D

    WAN = 200.


    Packages Snort, OpenVPN Client and Server, Clients ~ 5 (to Pia and such, high traffic), Server ~ 15 (low traffic, surfing and email only).

    By the time you actually need to upgrade there may be other better options available.

    Good point: thank you Steve :-*

  • That should work, but keep in mind that OpenVPN speed depends mostly on single thread performance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes that's true. I would expect >300Mbps OpenVPN throughput with that CPU though.

    YMMV  ;)


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