No access to LAN from connected Clients

  • Hey guys,

    I recently setup a OpenVPN Server where I can connect to from my Clients to and also can see the pfsense. The problem is that I can't connect to devices in the LAN of the pfsense.

    The LAN has the IP range of, static devices got, the DHCP Clients got and the OpenVPN Server has the IP range Under Firewall/Rules/OpenVPN exists a rule created by the wizard.

    When I traceroute to 10.0.0.X the first hop is the

    Do you have any ideas where the problem can be? Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance!


  • The VPN tunnel network must not be a part of another network assigned to pfSense. Yours is a part of LAN!
    So change your tunnel subnet to an unused network.

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