Traffic Shaping using Bridged Mode

  • I intend to use pfSense as an edge firewall/traffic shaper.  For this application, I will not be using NAT.  Are there plans to add the traffic shaping functionality when using bridged mode to the 2.0 product?

    Also, just to make sure I'm not missing something little.  Traffic shaping when using bridged mode will not work with 1.2.x.  Is this correct?


  • Already present in 2.0.  Does not work in 1.2.

  • @sullrich:

    Already present in 2.0.   Does not work in 1.2.

    Bitchin.  I'll get a jump on the beta and contribute my time and test.


  • how do u bridge with 2.0?

  • I prefer to use an optional interface for bridging, but I'm sure it's possible to bridge WAN to LAN directly.  Anyway, you choose (assign) under the interfaces menu and create a new bridge.  Then choose the interfaces you want to bridge.

  • matt have you gotten your pfsense working properly now? and also can u use a broadband connection from a pc to connect to your internet?

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