Bandwidth duplicated between VLANS

  • Hi All,

    I have a question about traffic on my VLANS. I currently have 3 VLANS setup, LAN, Wireless and WirelessGuest. LAN and Wireless have a firewall rule to allow all traffic between them (these are my wired and wireless devices if that wasn't obvious). The issue I'm having is that there seems to be a duplication of data bandwidth between LAN and Wireless. When I look at the bandwidth graph in the dashboard I see identical bandwidth from whatever I'm streaming (Netflix as an example) between WAN (on in) LAN (on out) and Wireless (on out). I assume this is because I have a pass all firewall rule? I don't think it's supposed to function in this way, can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Whatever your seeing has zero to do with a pass all firewall rule..

    Can you post exactly what your seeing?  And where.. I take it your talking about the traffic graph widget?

  • Which pfSense version are you using?
    There was an issue reintroduced in a recent built that shows double bandwidth on VLAN interfaces. Search redmine for the exact version and circumstances.

  • 2.3.4 Release p1, and yes I'm talking about the traffic graph widget. I messed with it for hours last night, but I finally just removed the wireless VLAN and set everything to LAN. I was having some stuttering when streaming online video and was just guessing at a cause, but it seems to be better so far. My guest wireless VLAN has rules to block communication between the other VLANS and it wasn't exhibiting the duplicate bandwidth behavior. Anyway, I know there are many variables, and the separation between wireless and wired wasn't really giving me any benefit, so this will work for now. I suppose this is a heads up to anyone else with the same issue. Thanks for your responses.

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