2 WAN and 2 LAN - How to make one of the lan see computers in lan 2

  • Hey Pfsense people,

    I am new here and in the pfsense universe.

    I had issues with my home network so I have been reading about how to make my own router using this beautiful OS.  I have bought a mini PC with 4 LAN ports and I have been loving it so far.  I have managed to use two ISP - one as primary and second one as failover.  It works perfectly.

    The one thing I could not figure out is how to make computers connected to LAN1 see computers connected to LAN2.

    I am sure it is a very silly question - but I am learning using this great software.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Do you have firewall rules on the LAN & OPT1 (LAN2) interfaces ?

    They will route between each other as they are directly connected, so it isn't a routing issue.

    I'd have thought you would have been able to ping fron the LAN subnet to the OPT1 subnet, just not from OPT1 to LAN as the firewall is stateful and the LAN interface should have a LAN net to any by default.

  • Thank you for the fast reply - this is my LAN rule:  http://cloud.photom.me/2N251C2D2Q1g
    so it should be working.

    Do both LAN ports have to have different IP range?

  • @tnovy:

    Do both LAN ports have to have different IP range?

    Yes otherwise the end devices won't route out the default route for the subnet.

    BTW its easier if you just show your firewall rules from the Firewall -> Rules ->LAN rather than the edit page.

    What rules do you have set up on the OPT1 aka LAN2 interface ?

    If I didn't have that top rule on my VOICE subnet I could ping hosts from the LAN to VOICE, but VOICE to LAN wouldn't work.

    ![Untitled 2.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled 2.png)
    ![Untitled 2.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled 2.png_thumb)

  • Lan 1:  http://cloud.photom.me/1h2u3C3a020x
    Lan 2: same rule


  • Where's the second LAN interface, there should be another interface showing along the top of your screenshot ?


    Have you assigned the interface under Interfaces -> Interface Assignments ?

  • I have removed it because the issue that I am having - I have connected everything to an external switch - but I am asking if I have done something wrong that it did not work.  Once i get all the info I will activate Lan2 and plug the second switch to it.

  • Try assigning the interface and giving it a differnet subnet to your LAN interface, it should work.

  • I will try - thank you so much for all your help.

  • Your welcome :)

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