Re: Firewall all working except for one website login [solved]

  • I have PFSense up and running for quite some time already (generally without problem).

    I have default traffic going through the OpenVPN and an exception to route my work pc over the wan as it has its own company vpn client. 
    I have one website which appears as a subdomain of a web app provider i.e. ( provide school tailored website for the parents)

    Both IE and Firefox work on my work pc, over both the company VPN and WAN

    My problem is on my home kit (both linux and windows) and IE, Firefox and Avast Safe Browser.

    Under firefox i get the following error
    "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies."

    There are no errors in the logs, i enable cookies (even though i didn't need to on my work pc).

    I get the initial page, but once i login i get the above error and then can't get to the main page again, also the url it displays works on the work pc.

    Need some help debugging this one as i have no idea why pfsense should be interfering with it, when work vpn does not.


  • My best guess would be doesn't allow access thru VPN? The reason you are able to login in via your work is that your work VPN is not on the list forbids?

    Not sure what VPN you are using but maybe try logging in on your phone using the VPN app and see if you can?

    Not a solution but might help you trouble shoot…

  • Velcro you are correct that it is related to my VPN - but it is a problem with either PFSense or the Config.

    Scenario = working
    OpenVPN    = enabled
    OpenVPN_1 = disabled

    Scenario = working
    OpenVPN    = disabled
    OpenVPN_1 = enabled

    Scenario = not working
    OpenVPN    = enabled
    OpenVPN_1 = enabled

    Gateway = VPN - Trigger Level = High Latency
    OpenVPN    = Tier 1
    OpenVPN_1 = Tier 1

  • The problem appears to have been the
    Gateway = VPN - Trigger Level = High Latency

    Change this to Member Down and all is ok.