2.4 RC vs 2.4.1 - features, experience etc

  • Hi,

    Currently running 2.4 RC on my Qotom i5 box, home setup. Was just wondering if anyone could share their experience of moving from 2.4 RC to the 2.4.1 betas. I'm interested in what new features there might be, as well as overall reliability. I was running 2.4 when it was in beta stage and was quite happy, just wondering if I should move to 2.4.1 betas or not.


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    Not really much different. 2.4.1 is FreeBSD 11.1, 2.4 is FreeBSD 11.0. That's pretty much it ATM.

  • As Dok says, not much difference at present. There were a few issues that were fixed in FreeBSD 11.1 itself, though those did not affect the vast majority of users.

    Remember if you follow the experimental/development path you may get the new features and fixes, but you also get the screw-ups that sometimes occur, fortunately that is not too often and it's all part of the game.

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    At the moment the only difference, aside from some build/meta info, is the FreeBSD base. There were a lot of changes in FreeBSD 11.1 that need testing separately. I've run some preliminary tests with IPsec and it's been OK, that was our largest concern.

    Once 2.4-RELEASE drops, then things will (slowly) start to differ as things get added/fixed/etc. 2.4.1 will not be all that different from 2.4.0 except for the base and, in all likelihood, fixes for issues discovered in 2.4 after release and more people use it. There are a couple extra things we want to bring in but nothing huge. ETA for 2.4.1 is targeted as ~30 days after 2.4.0 due to FreeBSD making 11.0 go EOL in that timeframe.

  • Thank you all for the useful information, think I will stay on the 2.4 for now.

  • I'm using 2.4.1 with 3 ipsec tunnels and 1 roadwarrior and it's been fine so far. I'm using a supermicro asri2558 board with 16GB and 100/100 FO connection.

  • One thing I did notice, and can't really explain, was that the web interface is much snappier in 2.4.1 than 2.4RC. I was able to reproduce this on two otherwise identically configured SG-2220 units. I know it's just the base that changed between the two so I don't know why it is, but, doing the same tasks on each in two separate tabs, the interface loaded and responded more quickly in 2.4.1 for me. Not that it was a slouch before, but it was a big enough difference to be noticeable.

    I've had zero stability issues on 2.4.1 besides a GUI crash loading the IPSec dashboard widget when there were no IPSec tunnels configured. Removing it fixed the issue. Throughput and actual firewall stability have been rock solid on both, but my configs aren't terribly adventurous either.

  • I had a boot error after upgrading to v2.4.1 running on Hyper-V; I deleted the virtual CD-ROM and then it booted up fine.

    I would agree that the interface is much faster then before.

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    Will there be an update path to 2.4.1 from 2.4 at some point, or will it have to be a fresh install.

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    You can always move forward, going to 2.4.1 from 2.4.0 will be a regular, simple upgrade.

  • I was on a build of 2.41 and now that I see 2.40 is FreeBSD 11.1, can I take that config and apply to a fresh build of 2.40RC?  Or is that a problem?

  • can I safely delete file:

    cat /boot/loader.conf.local
    set kern.vty=sc
    ```after upgrade to 2.4.1? I read that issues with VMware in FreeBSD kerner was fixed.

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    Yes, that line can be removed

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