• Ok im really sorry for asking this relatively amateur question but I am still trying to learn here.

    After reading about VPN's, I think I understand how it works.  This is what I am trying to accomplish:

    I connect to my home network from the road via VPN.  I get an IP address via DHCP (on the same internal IP range as the rest of my network)  and become a part of my homes network even though I am not physically there.  I can do things such as Remote Desktop to different computers in my home, grab file shares, e.g.  It's basically exactly if I'm at home.

    Here's my scenario.  I have my home network secured with PFsense as the router/firewall/gateway.  From my understanding IPSec, PPOE, and PP2P are different types of VPN protocols.  It sounds like IPsec is the best one so lets say I choose that.  Now, do I basically just enable it from PFsense and that becomes a "server?"  Or do I need some kind of separate server software?  What settings would I use for "remote gateway" and "remote subnet?"

    And for the client, I just set it up using Vista's built in client?


    EDIT:  Ok it looks like Vista's client uses PPTP so im going to try that out for starters.  There are 2 fields that im not sure what to do with.

    Server address- Enter the IP address the PPTP server should use on its side for all clients.
    Remote address range-Specify the starting address for the client IP address subnet.
    The PPTP server will assign 16 addresses, starting at the address entered above, to clients.

    I thought that PFsense assigns IP's based on DHCP from the same range to all clients?  Do I put a different range here?  If so, will I still be able to access resources on my home network?

    My current setup is:
    In the first box for example, if I put and in the second box, will I still be able to access network resources from the 192.168.0.x range?

  • I wouldnt use PPTP because it's outdated and shouldnt be used in a new setup.
    Try OpenVPN since it's really easy and there are already how-to's around.
    Take a look at the OpenVPN subforum.

    In this thread are some links on where to find what: