Automatic Bandwidth Limiting for Dummynet - $600 potentially ++

  • Bounty suspended.

  • I'm willing to put up $100 to make this happen.

  • I see no reason to limit the proposed automatic bandwidth monitor to only working with dummynet. Make the monitor spit out generic results that can be used for ALTQ, dummynet, or anything else.

    The monitor should also be capable of multi-WAN setups, right?

  • I'm open to any and all suggestions as to what this bounty should look like.

    I'll edit the OP to reflect the wishes of that who wish to contribute.

    I just posted this bounty because I saw interest but no bounty.

    All feedback and input is welcomed!

  • ALTQ may have some implementation complexities because shapers like HFSC have issues changing the provisioned root bandwidth in some cases.

    Example 1) If you try to set the root bandwidth to a value that causes one or more queues to total to more than 100%
    Example 2) Last I knew there was a bug/feature of HFSC in pfSense that the validation calculates the effective assigned bandwidth supplied via percentages based on the live root amount, which can make the totals be more than 100%, at least from the perspective of the validation.

    DummyNet should be easier to implement since it is strait forward for setting bandwidth. Probably be a two phase approach with DummyNet first.

  • I am ready to pay up to 500$ for ABL.

  • Galactic Empire

    Bounty suspended as the user belt9 was circumventing a ban.

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