WAN IPv6 Pass Rules Broken 2.4.0-RC

  • Currently running two pfSense boxes.  One 2.3.4 and one 2.4.0.r.20170927.1221.

    When I add IPv6 Pass Rules in the WAN settings of 2.3.4 for its LAN devices to be accessible over the Internet by 2.4.0, devices on 2.4.0 are able to successfully communicate with 2.3.4.

    When I add the same WAN rules on 2.4.0, its LAN devices are not accessible by 2.3.4

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

    P.S.  Not even the WAN IPv6 pppoe address on 2.4.0 is accessible from 2.3.4 when an allow all/any is added to 2.4.0.

  • Update: Something funny going on with pfBlocketNG.

    Checking to see if my IPv6 subnet is in one of the blocked ranges or something else weird is going on.

  • I'm retarded.  I had Grenada allowed but Canada blocked.

    Sorry folks, eyes were deceiving me last night.

  • As they say…

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