• I don't have enough details for a real solid post but I wanted to throw this out there– have any of you guys been having strange NAT issues with recent 2.4.1 snaps?

    I have a test system that I have been updating daily with the 2.4.1dev auto-updates.  This past Wed (10/11/17) I started having issues with my Asterisk server + NAT -- the UDP SIP traffic was getting either blocked or somehow source ports were getting rewritten or something.  Calls would drop after 30sec due to the SIP dialogs not reaching the upstream trunk.  And the BYE messages were not getting through so even after the far side hung up the call would continue on dead air.  I was sadly a bit too busy with other stuff to deep dive into it with lots of packet captures etc and last night's snap 2.4.1.a.20171012.2140 seems to have fixed the issue.  Just wondering if this was a fluke or if anyone else experienced anything odd with NAT or specifically outbound NAT on 2.4.1?

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    Nothing I've seen, and there have not been any changes made to 2.4.1 that I'm aware of that would touch anything close to that.

  • Ok, thanks Jim. Just a sanity check.  I am digging elsewhere.  I believe our upstream SIP provider may have changed something that requires more permissive firewall rules on udp. I've fixed my issue for now.

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    I'm seeing similar issues with 2.4.0-RELEASE. Description of the issue here: