LADVD (LLDP) 1.2.2 no TX or RX on PFSence 2.4

  • Hey Guys,

    Basically the title.  No LLDP after upgrade.  I re-installed the package, no difference.  I have both Cisco and Juniper devices hooked up if that helps.  I'm monitoring the ports on both devices but nothing is being sent sadly.  No issues before the upgrade.  Any logs you guys need let me know.

    Just seeing if anyone else is having this issue.  Have not seen another post about it.

  • I understand LLDP isn't production impacting unless you use it for monitoring or ZTP, but is anyone else having this issue?

  • My 2.4-RC (Not switched to final yet) , have no problem detecting or announcing to my HP-1820 (LLDP) , or my Cisco's (CDP)


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    I am running 2.4.1-RC and I am seeing my switch.

    Capability Codes:
    r - Repeater, B - Bridge, H - Host, R - Router, S - Switch,
    W - WLAN Access Point, C - DOCSIS Device, T - Telephone, O - Other

    Device ID            Local Intf    Proto  Hold-time    Capability    Port ID
    sg300                em1          LLDP    90          B                     
    sg300                em1          CDP    129          S            gi2     
    sg300                em2          LLDP    90          B                     
    sg300                em2          CDP    129          S            gi3

  • Hm, I guess I'm looking for suggestions then?

    I've tested CDP as well and not receiving anything on the Cisco/Juniper side or the PFSense side.

    Any recommendations?  None of these platforms really have much config for this protocol because well…it doesn't really need much.  Only thing I know is before 2.4 (now 2.4.1 because I was hopeful) it was showing up, but after the upgrade, nothing.


  • Hey guys, so did some digging, the logs are spamming the physical interfaces are invalid every hour:

    Nov 2 12:44:22 ladvd interface ix1 is invalid
    Nov 2 12:44:22 ladvd interface ix0 is invalid
    Nov 2 12:43:52 ladvd interface ix1 is invalid
    Nov 2 12:43:52 ladvd interface ix0 is invalid

    However, those two interfaces are in a LAGG, so I can't even select them in the LADVD list.  The port channel is selected, as well as all the VLAN interfaces that ride it, so still nothing concrete yet…

  • I have the same problem, on lagg with vlan no LLDP
    on plain interface LLDP works


  • Glad to see I'm not the only one.  Just updated to 2.4.2, no update either.  Same thing in logs.  Sounds like it might have something to do with interfaces in a LAGG?

  • I'm having the same issue after configuring lagg. 2.4.2

  • Opened up a bug report, seemed like the right thing to do