CARP setup on load balancing network

  • Hi Pfsense members,

    I am trying to setup a CARP with state synchronisation. I have two Pfsense Netgate SG-8860 1U boxes and want to have high availability on my network. Our ISP offers high availability. They have two uplinks with equal cost load balancing. So if a package send back out of R1 interface, it may get back on R2 WAN interface. I would like to have both boxes to share one WAN IP address, IPsec VPN should also be redundant.
    I have tried to setup the envouriment, but my R2 does not seem to work. Can anybody tell me if my described scenario can work?

    I have setup the following:

    • Setup CARP interface, enable state synchronization (pfsync)
    • Setup XMLRPC Sync
    • SETUP CARP for LAN IP address
    • Configured the same WAN IP address for both routers