Block connectify users

  • i have users that use connectify program on their laptops to open the internet on mobile which i block by default .. so how i can block the traffic that come from such programs

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Since pfsense would see this traffic as coming from the laptops IP.. I would pfsense tell the difference between laptops own traffic and clients its natting..

    You would have the same problem if a user connected a downstream router to your network.. You could maybe look for the TTL not being default since the router running on the laptop should reduce the TTL of the traffic by 1.. But this could be a bit complicated, etc.  Since different OSes and applications might not always use the same default TTL value.. So its not like you could just block traffic that has a TTL of 127 vs 128, etc.

    Why is this a concern really?  What exactly do you expect to stop?  The traffic would still be limited to whatever rules you put in place just like their laptop traffic.

    Are these laptops company laptops, or are they user owned?  If company laptops then just prevent the users from running such software on the laptop directly.  If they are users owned, or the users have admin rights then that option is a bit more difficult.  But if you admin the laptops then blocking specific applications from running on the laptop/pc much easier then trying to limit the traffic from said device via such software.

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